Very briefly ( I will go into this more in detail later):

There has been a movement in Christianity that lately has been using words like “impartations” of the “annointing” and similar phrases. People lay hands on you and pass along this supposed annointing. Often this is accompanied by a feeling of power coursing through the recipient’s body, or falling on the ground and being unable to move, etc.

This exact same technique is used by Hindu gurus to give Shaktipat, which is an impartation of the guru’s power and energy. (although the gurus are a little bit more reserved in the use of theatrics)

Both activities exhibit similar results. Almost exact. Including “good” fruit. Both eastern religion and recent western pentecostalism are doing the SAME thing. This is worth exploring…

The idea of impartation used by the new testament church was only used by the apostles. So some today are saying that these signs of power are the result of people being raised up to be apostles (just like the 12 and Paul, who followed Jesus and received the pentecostal fire). In fact, there is a whole movement dedicated to this idea called the New Apostolic Reformation. Many people refer to it as the “five-fold” ministry.

Additionally, Catholics and other more “mainline” types (read: traditional) have gotten into this kundalini power via avenues of contemplative prayer, but truly using eastern mediation techniques. Very interesting.

I’m researching these connections and am exploring a few ideas along the way that are tangential to my central focus. This is due to the personal element. I have friends that are becoming involved with people spreading “impartations” in the church.

So what “power” is behind all this?

It’s fascinating and also a bit creepy, imo.

I’ll let you know what I discover as I wander on this journey….

Please share any experiences or resources that you have/know about that relate to this topic.

Here is a video of a professor teaching on these ideas. It’s a lecture. The information is very good and has some video of religious practices.