What is interesting to me is that kundalini keeps coming up with these so-called prophetic ministries…I haven’t been lurking in the blog world, nor have I been a purveyor of the so-called “watch-dog” blogs that are on the lookout for heresy in the church.

Last year, I had the idea to research more the use of the body in worship in Christian and other traditions. As time went on I focused this around the concept of Yoga, since it is a practice I enjoy very much (on the superficial exercise level. I’m differentiating between Yoga v. yoga at this point of my study. The Hindus say you can’t separate Yoga from its spiritual dimension and that makes sense. But obviously, we are able to use some asanas and practices without participating in Hinduism,; thus the differentiation for me with the capital letter.)

In my studies of “energy” and such, I learned a lot about Kundalini. Many mystical Christians were reporting these energetic experiences that were exactly like Kundalini awakening as described in eastern literature. They reasoned that since they were Christians it must either be of God, or else it was a natural experience inimic in our human nature. It’s the second conclusion that drew my interest.

Now as I am studying along in my area of interest these “people” keep coming up…people like Todd Bentley and others associated with so-called “revival” in the world of Christiandom. My first time hearing about these unusual physical manifestations of the “spirit” were in the so-called Toronto Blessing. Back then, once I heard that people were barking like dogs, getting all out of control and that certain psychological control techniques were being used by leaders, I dismissed it as counterfeit out of hand and didn’t think more about it.

Fast forward to last year and my Yoga v. yoga study. Lo and behold, I’m finding Yogic Kundalini awakening ‘symptoms’ described in Christian circles. These are all pentecostal circles that are impacting lots of other non-pentecostal Christians that are wanting more of God in an experiential way. Again, I didn’t care so much. Charlatans are everywhere, the occult is everywhere…so what. But then MY FRIENDS started to get involved. First it was a transition to healing ministry (all good), then more prayer intercession (again, all good), then going to a house church with the use of prophetic gifts (ok, if the leadership is biblically sound and mature, shouldn’t be an issue), then SIGNS AND WONDERS, and ANNOINTINGS and IMPARTATIONS…my friends, all mature Christians, are being exposed to people like Todd Bently and a whole bunch of unbiblical manifestations of the “spirit” (not God’s spirit, often) because the ministry and church leaders that they are interacting with are “going after” these so-called out pouring of God’s spirit presenting by so-called revivals…

I’m so irritated.

I was just minding my own business, studying a theological interest when bam! KUNDALINI EVERYWHERE!!

I decide to write about it a little bit and discover that others are doing research on the SAME THING, finding the EXACT SAME CONNECTIONS.

Merely coincidence?

I think not.

So. Here we are.

I’m annoyed, people are getting deceived, my friends are potentially getting “influenced”…grrrr.

The good news is that I can post links to all these people that have done the hard work of research and actually writing intelligible articles on these topics. I don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

I was NOT expecting my research on Yoga to take me into the so-called “Lakeland Revival”. This is a complete and annoying surprise to me.

For a good article on this topic with well-done research into the occultic connections between all these topics see http://www.deceptionbytes.com/Todd-Bentleys-Fire-of-Kundalini

I guess I will link to others’ research and write about my own personal interactions and thoughts on these more current event type topics. My own research on Yoga will be posted as it evolves. Now i seem to have lots of questions…