The eastern view of the body has been for millennia a dualistic one. The original 8 fold path of enlightenment (which is Ashtanga Yoga) was dualistic in that the intent was to transcend the body (which was inferior and in the way of enlightenment) to achieve bliss. The biblical view of the body is that the body is not just a tool. It is a part of us and will be resurrected on the last day. No one completely understands how the body will be transformed to function on a higher plane, but it will nevertheless still be “us” in some sort of “body”. Christianity has had plenty of perversion of its intent as all religions have and the concept and role of the body in the life of the follower of Christ is no exception. There have been sects that have viewed the body as evil, something to be ignored and overcome. But that is not the view one receives from Jesus. Our bodies are HOLY temples of God’s spirit. They are not evil, or just in the way of our spiritual enlightenment.