Recently I was listening to Internet Monk in an interview with Steve Brown Etcetera and he commented that his particular “spiritual temperament” was more in line with so-and-so. His comment really struck me. I love that idea of spiritual temperament. I have always wondered about the grouping of denominations and sects in relation to personality types. It would be so cool to see if there were any correlation between the two. But since personality types are limited (as all categories are) by the complexity of human nature, I’m digging adding in to my theory the spiritual temperament idea.

Think about it. If we understood our spiritual temperaments we could avoid a lot of self-righteous posturing by realizing that many things aren’t inherently wrong or right, they are just what we PREFER due to our natural disposition. For example, all those style issues like HOW to pray, How to worship, How to cast out demons, How to evangelize (or not), How to love…you get the idea.

I know I am dreaming, because many people don’t want to know themselves. They would rather stay in ignorance and think that their preferences are law–specifically God’s law. Oh well. It was a nice idea anyway.

Those of you who know your temperament, stay with me and keep reading. Let me know your thoughts and spur me on to think in different ways. I appreciate you!