First hand stories are interesting to me. The previous report by the guy who recognized all the hypnotic techniques being used by Bentley was wry and funny (if you missed that, it’s here). The following account is serious and has some typos. This person apparently has visions and comes from the prophetic/charismatic side of things. I copied the story about 2/3 down since there is a LOT of back story about his gifts and other details. Some might find that interesting so for the rest of that you can read here. Also, this guy’s presentation and cultural view is pretty dramatic–not my personal cup of tea. I haven’t done ANY research into his creds or history or theology. I just think it’s an interesting first person story.

I haven’t figured out what my fascination is with this topic…maybe it’s kinda like the rubbernecking response when there is a roadside accident, or just bad roadkill. It started with my yoga research, then friend connections (as mentioned previously), but now who knows. I’m not a spooky superstitious person. I prefer a reasoned argument, some good deep thinking. Ah, well. I do read trashy novels from time to time and maybe this is related. This is all so OUT there and melodramatic and televangelistic-type hype overkill (there’s that word again). One of my very literary, intelligent, artistic, brilliant friends loves to read vampire novels. I think we all have some of that in us somewhere. In regards to religious crap, usually it just makes me sick. And partly, this does, because the poor people involved make is tragedy-comedy.

It also might be the occultic connections that fascinate me since I study that stuff. And it does have a relationship with kundalini and other interesting things. But mainly, I’ll probably just be really sad when it is all over and so many people have been thrashed by it all. By then, I’m sure I’ll be able to watch the expose on tv!

Anyways, that is my long-winded explanation for posting the following story:

You are entering in the middle of the narrative. They are in Lakeland and plan to sing and speak to the crowd and he sees the Angel Emma that Bentley talks about…

We loaded his equipment and headed back down to where Todd Bentley was holding service that evening the Lakeland center or convention center. I’m really not sure what it was called. We arrived and found the place that I felt like the father wanted us to set up. There was plenty of parking in the parking lot where I could have set up or even parked but I had received a warning earlier myself from the father instructing me to not set on foot on that property, to just open my mouth and he would fill it.
Daniel started off singing a few songs playing the guitar and people where very aware of our presence and some started gathering across the road listening. Then I took the mic after a few songs and started in by saying “you like sheep are led astray, Judgment is coming to Florida and then I don’t remember anything else I said until something happened. The anointing was so strong I felt it coming in waves so strong I thought I would not be able to stand. Then my spiritual eyes where opened and I saw an angel coming from the building that was about a block away across the parking lot. She made her way across the parking lot almost instantaneously but the spirit rose up in me and said I rebuke you Emma and I bind you to do no harm.
At that moment it was like I saw her bound by something I could not see, but it rendered her motionless other then every mussel in her body strained trying to break free. And she stayed there until I was done speaking and then I saw her no more. But as sure as I am alive if I would have set one foot on their side of the street she would have killed me. I knew this was that same angel Todd had spoken about in his meetings. It does look like a woman though and looks to be in her mid to late 30’s but you can also tell that she is 1000’s of years old at the same time. She was very beautiful but very insidious at the same time. She was conjured there by other so called ministers and was there for one purpose. That was to deceive and to do lying signs and wonders in so much as if it where possible she would be able to deceive the very elect.
I finished speaking and opened my eyes to see people coming across the street. They where all very nice people that really did love god but clearly where taken in by this false prophet some of them where just misled others where under strong delusion. They did not sing the praise to the lord, but to Todd rather. Asking if we had seen him or been in the meetings and one of them, a man from England started doing the convulsing thing like Todd. He then tried to grab me by the arm to lead me across the street. So that demon could attack me. I told him do not touch me you are not going to put any demons on me. Then the anointing started coming very strong again in those same waves. Every time a wave of the anointing would come, the man that was from England would flinch and dodge like I had taken a swing at him.
I talked with another guy for a bit but he kept trying to get me to cross the road, even after I told him that I had been instructed by the father not do so. The funny thing is that every one that came up to myself or Daniel told us that they could fill the anointing on us but, could not understand why we where speaking against Todd Bentley. I explained to them again that Todd was a false prophet working witchcraft, doing lying signs and wonders. He was no more than a spiritual charlatan. These words seem to fall on deaf ears except for a few people that seemed to be taking it all in but not yet convinced. Someone called the police in the middle of it all and when they showed up the officer ask us what we where doing there. I told him the whole spill about Todd and this false fire revival, and as I was talking to him I saw something change in him. He changed from police officer to someone that was in agreement with what the father was having us do. He walked back to his car and a few moments latter the chief of police in Lakeland showed up. They said they just wanted to make sure no one messed with us.
The police men stood back let us talk to the people until Todd’s body guards, crew, or whatever they were showed up. Seeing these two men approaching the two officers drew in a little closer, still not interrupting but at the same time letting us know that they where there to help us if things went bad. Yah sent us a Joshua and Caleb I have no doubt. We talked with them for a while, showing them in scripture why Todd could not be a true prophet, but our words fell on deaf ears. Then they started trying to get us to come inside. One of them actually said I believe the lord sent you here, and if he told you that Todd was a false prophet, I assure you that is not what he wants to be, so why don’t you just come in and talk with him. I told them again that I had been instructed by Yah not set one foot on the other side of the street. They where polite, shook our hands, then left. Daniel sang one more song and we began to pack up. As we where packing up I noticed a young man that had been standing near by during most of what had transpired returning but this time he was returning with a woman. He introduced her to Daniel and I, then the young man explained to us that she was his spiritual mother. He then ask us if we could tell her why we where there and we did.
She seemed somewhat offended at what we where telling her concerning Todd, and especially when I outright called him a false profit. She started trying to give me a warning about calling men false prophets, but as she was talking the father spoke to me and told me to tell her that her grand father was not afraid to call men false prophets when that’s what they were. She looked stunned at me and replied that, yes he did but, he did it very cautiously. She then told us who her grand father was. She was the granddaughter of A. A. Allen a true man of God no matter how they smeared his name at his death. We talked a bit about her grandfather’s ministry among other things prayed with them and then left. But during our conversation she said that she had gotten a check in her spirit several times since she had been there. And although I did not say it I was thinking to myself then why are you not running as fast as you can away from this place.
The four things that I left Lakeland knowing, besides judgment was for sure coming to Florida was this. #1 almost everyone there told us that they could fill the anointing on us but no one could see that this anointing was real and a warning for them. #2 almost everyone there when told that Judgment was coming to Florida almost seemed gleeful that it was coming and was very demonically deceived by a spirit of deception. #3 that there where real sheep there that where being lead astray not wacko’s fallowing some guru. #4 that there where real miracles going on there but they were not because of Todd, these miracles had nothing to do with him. The miracles came because Yah’s people came expecting and desiring to receive.
Later that evening we returned Brother Anthony’s equipment, and then met with Angus and Batya Wooten the leaders of the MIA. They had driven up from Orlando that evening to have a meal with us before we headed back home. It was my first time meeting them but I felt like I had known them all my life, we talked, plotted, and planed what our next plan of attack on the enemy mite be. Then parted ways because it was getting late and I felt compelled to get out of Florida as fast as I could. I drove several hours until we where almost out of Florida and the uneasiness subsided. Then we stopped and got a room to rest up for the rest of our trip home Friday morning.
I know you thought that was the end of the story but it is not. When all the stuff was going on with Rich’s dad and everything when black concerning him, and after we had prayed for him and his mom I rode in silence, just meditating on the lord. Then again I saw the vision of the Elijah type person calling judgment down on Florida in what seemed like fire, but the vision did not stop this time it continued on. I saw the biggest blackest cloud I had ever seen over Florida. It was so black that it seemed like if it was placed in the shy on the darkest night, it would have still been visible. While looking at the cloud and asking the father what he was showing me, the cloud started shaking violently then the vision stopped. I felt like the father spoke to me “Judgment is coming to Florida”. I was shown this part of the vision, the part with the cloud several times the next day as we spoke to people, and received the same impression each time, “judgment is coming to Florida”.
Upon returning home I was informed that 90 wildfires burned out of control stating Friday afternoon about the time we were crossing the Stateline. The weird thing is that the fires were in the everglades, normally one of the wettest arias in Florida and not to far from Lakeland. There is part one of the judgment fulfilled, the calling down of fire. Now we await the second judgment. One that I fill will be one of the most devastating judgments we have ever seen as a nation. So if you know any one living in Florida please send them this e-mail with the instructions to be very prayerful on what they should do in the coming months. I am not calling for a mass evacuation of Florida I am simply saying, seek God and ask him his will in the matter and if he instructs you to leave do not hesitate. If you need some where to go we will do all that we can to help?
Shalom (Peace) be on you in these last days is my prayer.
End Time Preacher
James Gillispie