Oh Lordy, I am bad! Remember those videos from psych class on the maharishi movements where people are dancing wildly and hypnotically to music (the guru leading it all)? I think it was in the late 60s or early 70s. Well, here is the new “guru” for the new millenium! Whirling dervish craziness. LOOK at those people!

I’m probably gonna have to put all this Bentley stuff on a page later and get it out of the posts; especially when I stop rubbernecking and start developing thoughtful posts dealing with issues that aren’t so pop-culture related! Eegads!


Hypnotism can be a very useful tool to change some bad habits. I’ve known friends that have used it for easier and better childbirth, quitting smoking and losing weight. I tried the losing weight audios and it didn’t work on me! Then I learned that people are different in how susceptible they are to hypnotism. I’m not easily hypnotized, which is fine by me. I’ll just use some other techniques.

Now, I don’t particularly want people using these techniques in religious settings, but they do. And it is very common in more ecstatic gatherings, whether called Christian, Hindu, New Age or whatever. Psychology has been studying this for decades. I think that people are too uninformed in religious settings though. This is not a good thing. Intention isn’t important in using these techniques. You could learn them without knowing they are ways to suggest behaviors by just mimicking a particular leader or speaker that you want to be like. I can see how this can happen in religious circles because of the leadership style in certain groups. People are told that they are receiving from God and they want it, so they are susceptible to this suggestion. It really doesn’t matter what is being said, the techniques work.

Here is a video that explains this a little bit:

I haven’t paid that much attention to the use of these techniques in Christian circles mainly b/c I just ignored the charlatans and ignored the weird behavior. I dismissed it our of hand as not worth attention. I’m trying to not be so dismissive now and see what is really happening.