Yesterday I read this really good article in Leadership Journal on ministry teams. I had been hearing the term “five-fold” ministry lately in the pentecostal circles around town and on the net. My bias is that I always look very closely at pentecostal justifications for anything because there are some important ideas I don’t think are biblical (ie. Oneness Pentecostals and their view on the Trinity).

[And for full disclosure I will say that even though much of my theology falls in the “reformed” camp, I am very open to being corrected and learning more from other traditions and viewpoints. I think that is one of the reasons I enjoyed Brian McLaren’s, A Generous Orthodoxy, because I could relate to developing a theology that spanned traditions connecting the body of Christ v. dividing it. Additionally, I believe in all the gifts of the Holy Spirit and am not a cessationist.]

So, when Steve Hickey (a C. Peter Wagner fan) pointed out in his post that this article was in leadership I was intrigued. (more…)