I couldn’t wait on the missional topic although I do need to get some sleep! I just went to the PGF in Long Beach and to start going back in the history of this “movement” here are two selections by Michael Frost from last year’s PGF. And while it is not an add-on, it is not NEW either! This is the old message of 2000 years ago put into our current context. So this is the language we are using to discuss this issue in our post-modern context. As the death of Christiandom becomes accepted as reality by the traditional and institutional churches we can re-learn how to live as “sent-out” disciples of Jesus. Learn or die.

I love the in your face honesty.

Here is part two:

So let’s start talking!


Yesterday I read this really good article in Leadership Journal on ministry teams. I had been hearing the term “five-fold” ministry lately in the pentecostal circles around town and on the net. My bias is that I always look very closely at pentecostal justifications for anything because there are some important ideas I don’t think are biblical (ie. Oneness Pentecostals and their view on the Trinity).

[And for full disclosure I will say that even though much of my theology falls in the “reformed” camp, I am very open to being corrected and learning more from other traditions and viewpoints. I think that is one of the reasons I enjoyed Brian McLaren’s, A Generous Orthodoxy, because I could relate to developing a theology that spanned traditions connecting the body of Christ v. dividing it. Additionally, I believe in all the gifts of the Holy Spirit and am not a cessationist.]

So, when Steve Hickey (a C. Peter Wagner fan) pointed out in his post that this article was in leadership I was intrigued. (more…)