I am astounded at how oblivious some people are to the hearts and souls of others, while simultaneously being perfectly “in tune” to each jot and tittle of their religion. When you find yourself fighting for your doctrine at the expense of people, you have crossed the line from loving to heartlessness.

–Darin Hufford, The Free Believers Network

I’ve been enjoying this podcast and blog that focuses on getting away from all the gross parts of the religion of Christianity.  The podcastors come from some mega-church charismatic/pentecostal experiences. I didn’t grow up with the guilt, emotional excess and manipulation that they talk about, but I have seen bits and pieces of it and find it infuriating all the same.  Previously, I have mentioned doctrinal differences I have with certain branches of Christianity, but that isn’t what motivates me.  I can resonate with the call to Love that is presented by Jesus in the Bible.  God is Love. We are to Love. So that is why I get a bit peeved at all the crap in religion, the excess, the thrashing of people in so many ways. It is not the way of Jesus.